Quick facts

Tgn Networks Pvt. Ltd.
Jan 29, 2014
  • Incorporated in 2014.
  • Strong client base Successful track record for many years.
  • Serving around more than 5000 SMBs and commercial Broadband users.
  • More Then 20+ Network Engineers & Fiber optic Experts.

Who we are

About us

TGN is addressing all aspects of the data networking business in an optimal fashion.By associating with Bharti,Tata, TGN is working with a national, backhaul provider that will enable TGN rapidly deploy its network and develop a strong pan-India footprint. In designing and building the network,TGN is adding intelligence to the network to support content-sensitivity, subscriber-sensitivity and very-high availability.

Tgn Is One Of the India’s fastest Growing company in Internet service provider and Fiber Maintenance contractor for Telecom sector.

What we offer

Content Delivery Network
Content Delivery Network

We Provide High Speed Broadband Service up to 100Mbps Unlimited on optic fiber, Ftth,Internet Lease Line,Point to Point Dark fiber ,Direct peering with Google,Akamai,Facebook,Whatts app,Limelite,Microsoft etc..

Our Staff

Tgn Networks is an energetic company with a fresh attitude and innovative ideas. Our staff make it happen. We employ people with a passion for sharing what they enjoy most. That passion combined with a solid work ethic gives Tgn Networks the driving commitment to provide the best possible support experiences for our clients.

Our advantages

99.9% Up time is a driving force in our business, the need to improve spans people, processes and technology and we are always looking for better ways to deliver for the benefit of our customers and our business.With 99.9% Up time We are committed to provide personal attention to each client.

WE Offer

  • Direct Peering With CDN Providers

    We have direct peering with major CDN provider like Google,Akamai,Limelight,Netflix facebook etc.


    Dark Fibre is essentially optical fibre infrastructure that is not in use,We provide dark fiber for Telcos,SME,ISP etc. On rental.


    Tgn Networking Solutions will help you secure your data, expand your reach and create a network that positions your organization for growth.


    We offer smart solutions for Point-Point connectivity via Optic Fiber and Wireless UBR around Pan India


    With our high quality splicing machine and qualified staff we offer splicing & tapping for TELCOS, SME and ISP.


    We provide Internet connectivity services for customers,Currently we can provide 10Gig of Bandwith drop PAN INDIA.


Our duties are 24 x 7 with all dedicated staff for all the products we offer.


Tgn Networks is committed to bridging the skill gap by partnering with institutes of repute in order to give our network a solid foundation for success.


Due to continous growth in our network , we need qualified and skilled staff to serve our customer, Candidates may apply for network enginner with qualification CCNA,CCNP & CCIE